Summit Carries the following Groceries:

  • McCains Fries – Crinkle Cut & Shoestring
  • McCains Hashbrowns
  • McCains Potato Patties
  • Lipton’s Sidekicks – Pasta, Rice, Potatoe
  • Perogies – Cheddar, Cottage Cheese, Deluxe
  • Bullseye BBQ sauces
  • Jim Beam BBQ sauces
  • Clubhouse sauces and gravy mixes
  • Old El Paso taco kits
  • Shake & Bake mixes
  • Droolin’ Devil Hot Sauces and Salsa
  • Char Crust Custom Meat Rubs and Seasonings
  • Strub’s Pickles
  • Green Giant Frozen Vegetables
  • Pasta and Sauces

We also stock a display case of essential dairy products like milk, eggs, sour cream, butter, chocolate milk, Coke, Crush soda, bottled water.