At Summit Meats we process a large volume of different products for our customers. For game hunters, we have many choices of fresh or smoked meats using only their own products and fresh ingredients and spices. Most of our recipes are free of any wheat, milk, soy or binders or fillers making them allergen friendly. However, some of our formulas are pre-made which may contain some allergens. Ask us if you have any concerns regarding ingredients.

Most hunters take pride in how they field dress their game. However, there are a few examples where novice hunters may not possess the skill to properly clean their carcass before they bring it to our doorstep. We ask that everyone try their best when dressing and skinning their animal. Most importantly the intestine should never be knicked or cut allowing any spread of fecal material on the carcass, this is how the ecoli bacteria is spread. Also, the less hair stuck to the carcass the better. We can only clean off so much hair as our time is important to us and you do not want any hair in the finished product.

Price List

Cutting and Wrapping ….. $0.99 / lb (Minimum $99.00 per animal)

Fresh Sausage ……………. $1.89 / lb

Smoked Sausage ………… $2.89 / lb

Muscle Jerky ………………. $7.00 / lb

Extruded Jerky ……………. $6.00 / lb

80/20 Pork Trim ………….. $2.59 / lb

Cleaning Fee ………….. $25.00 / carcass (If Applicable)

Fresh Sausage

  • Bratwurst
  • UK Garlic
  • Mennonite Farmer
  • Country Style (Contains Milk, Wheat)
  • Hot Italian
  • Sweet Italian
  • Breakfast
  • Maple Breakfast
  • Roasted Onion & Pepper
  • Chorizo

Smoked Sausage

Regular Smokies, Cheddar Smokies, Polish

Jalapeno & Cheddar Smokies

Uncle John’s Cold Smoked Sausage

Coil Garlic Sausage

Beer Stix,Pepperoni Stix, Jalapeno Cheddar, Jerky Stix

Honey Garlic Stix

Garlic Sausage

Salami Chubs,Italian Chubs

Jalepeno & Cheddar Chubs

Polish Sausage, Beer Sausage