Like our fresh or raw sausage products, we strive to use only the finest of ingredients in our smoked sausage.

Smoking sausage properly can be difficult and down right frustrating. It takes a lot of practice using lean meats and quality ingredients. Knowing your smokehouse is equally important. Whether it’s a two truck, 300 cubic foot computer processed machine or a simple small store bought jobber, you have to know it’s capabilities, limitations and downfalls to use it effectively.

As with raw sausage, most factory made smoked sausages are loaded with fillers and fatty by-products so large corporate stores can retail them at discount prices.

We do not practice those penny pinching habits here, so we urge you to try our smoked sausage and taste how a quality sausage should be.

A limited amount of our smoked recipes are pre made by our suppliers which can have traces of soy, milk or wheat in them. Please inquire if you have allergy concerns.

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Red Hot Chili Sticks

This is our newest addition to our line of fantastic sausage sticks.  Made with an array of spicy flavors and hot peppers, these will satisfy any palette craving a robust hot taste.

BBQ Beef Jerky

A unique twist on that traditional BBQ flavour.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Same recipe as above except with a sweet hint of Teriyaki.

Regular Pepper Beef Jerky

Made with lean slices of beef, this full muscle jerky has a wonderful flavour with a nice peppery afterbite.

Smoked Pork Loin Chops

Very versatile and goes hand in hand with a honey mustard sauce.

Summit Nuggets

A moist, golden boneless ham nugget smoked just right. Great with eggs at breakfast.

Side Bacon

Very lean and soaked in the same type brine as our back bacon. Try it thick sliced and baked in the oven.

Back Bacon

Very lean and made with a brown sugar cure or a honey maple brine.

Luncheon Chubs

Excellent on a fresh bun. How do these types taunt your taste buds.. Italian, Jalapeno Cheddar, Chunky Ham, Pepperoni or zesty Summer Sausage.

Summit Farmer’s

Very similar to an old world Mennonite sausage.


All time favorite ! A perfect sidekick with rice or pasta.

Coil Garlic

A refreshing change from the corporate store kind. Lean, tasty and great with crackers.

Uncle John’s Original

This cold smoked favourite came from Uncle John himself. A simple yet delicious recipe. Try it on the open fire.

Ham Sausage

Made with loads of actual pork sirloin cubes in a brown sugar brine.


Lots of crushed garlic cloves, pepper and garlic granuals.

Smokies (w/cheddar & Jalapeno)

Identical to the cheddar smokie except with a jalapeno kick !

Smokies (w/cheddar)

A cheesy, cheddar taste in every bite

Smokies (Regular)

Fantastic on the bbq.

Beer Stick

Bold yet mild… wash it down with a cold beer.

Honey Garlic Pepperoni

This sausage has that delicious sweet tinge and a hint of garlic

Regular Pepperoni

Wonderful flavour with a subtle peppery bite.