We strive to use only the leanest cuts of pork and beef and processed free of any fillers or by-products. Our fresh sausage products are bursting with flavour, each with their own distinct taste. Most of our sausage formulas DO NOT contain any gluten (wheat or grain), soy or milk products making them allergen friendly. This holds true for most of our smoke sausage products. However, we do produce some products using pre-made ingredient combinations that may contain some allergens. Please consult any of our knowledgeable staff members if you have questions concerning any products.

Sausage making is an art. It takes pride, patience, high standards and a lot of development to produce a good quality tasting sausage.

We strongly urge you to try our sausage and see for yourself how satisfying a great sausage can be.

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Curry Ginger

This wonder tastes as good as it sounds.


This is a Mexican style Chorizo with an abundance of hot peppers

Lemon Herb

A bold lemon flavored mild sausage


A mild Greek sausage with a hint of orange. Different but delicious.


A hot flavored sausage, originating from Morocco.

Wild Rice

Very popular and crammed with lots of healthy Saskatchewan grown wild rice and a mild spice blend.

Summit Special 11

This heavily herbed delight consists of 11 herbs and spices (just like the Colonel) and a splash of onion.

Maple breakfast

Made with real maple extract and maple syrup.

Breakfast Sausage

These are so good with eggs. This terrific recipe has a multitude of delicious spices.

Boerewor w/bacon

A South African sausage pronounced ‘boor-a-vor’ which has a hint of coriander.

Mennonite Farmers

One of our top 5 sellers, has a unique taste of it’s own.

Ukrainian Garlic

Popular. Has a delicious, mild flavour

Beef w/mushroom & Onion

Loaded with lots of sliced mushrooms, onions and spices.

All Beef

All that natural beef flavour with a dash of salt and pepper.

Sweet Italian

Similar to the hot Italian except with a tweek of brown sugar and ground anise seed.

Hot Italian

A Sicilian style sausage spiced with crushed chilies and a pinch of fennel.


A wonderful, generations old recipe that originated in a small German butcher shop in Baden Baden.


This Cajun style sausage has the heat to satisfy the palate of any spicy food lover.