We use only the freshest federally inspected poultry products.

Besides a full line of retail chicken products, we carry a lot of our own unique store made chicken and turkey items.

Come by and check us out !

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Chicken Supreme

8 oz. Boneless, breaded breast stuffed with our own seasoned bread stuffing and marble cheese.

Moby Chix

8 oz. Boneless, breaded breast stuffed with our own delicious seafood salad. Ahoy Matey !

Chicken Sausage

Again we have out done ourselves with these magnificent choices of seasoned wild rice or lemon herb. Amazing!

Chicken Kabobs

Our kabobs are fantastic. No where will you see such a colorful yet delicious array all at a great price!

Cornish Hens

Try them stuffed. Delicious with either a seasoned bread stuffing or even your favorite rice.

Whole Roasters

Feed the whole family with one of these.

Whole Frying Chicken

Finish cooking it’s last hour by brushing abundantly with garlic butter to give you that golden, crispy effect everyone loves.

Chicken Breast

(Boneless) Simply the best. So delicious on a grilled sourdough bun with mayo and hot sauce.

Chicken Breast

(Split, bone in) We usually have them soaked in one of our popular marinates.

Chicken Thighs

Very lean and tender with 100’s of uses

Chicken Drumsticks

A great favorite of those dark meat lovers.

Chicken Legs

These are usually sold bulk in 5 kg cases at discount prices.