With such busy families today, we saw a demand for not just a quick fix for supper but a need for quality meal ready items that are wholesome, convenient and affordable.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to depend on a product that you know will be easy for the kids to prepare and delicious for the whole family ?

So through countless hours of research, trial & error and a lot of evolving along the way, we have succeeded to produce these items that will satisfy the needs for your family.

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Beef Ravioli

Bite sized, beefy stuffed ravioli in a hearty, cheesy pasta sauce

Pulled Pork

Slow smoked, stringy, tender pork pieces, smothered in our own robust BBQ sauce.

Roast Beef

Take home a fully cooked, sliced, moist, tender roast, soaked in it’s own Au Jus. No fuss. Simply heat at 350 for about an hour and voila !

Shepherds Pie

How about lots of spiced lean ground beef and vegetables smothered in a rich, dark gravy with a blanket of buttery, whipped potatoes?


Layers and layers of the most meatiest, cheesiest Italian dish you�ll ever see !

Cabbage Rolls

These beefy bad boys are a meal in themselves !

Chicken Alfredo

Large, seasoned chunks of chicken breast, layered on a creamy Alfredo sauce full of rich Penne noodles

Baked Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Mmmmm. Nana would be proud. Lots of thick, meaty sauce on a bed of great pasta covered with lotsa mozza


Summit version of this Louisiana favorite packed full of Andoullie Sausage, chunky vegetables simmered in a peppery tomato sauce. No Seafood

Spicy Chili

This rich winter time favorite tastes as good as it looks ! Thick and hearty bursting with flavor full of ground beef, baked beans, kidney beans, onions and more !

Meat loaf

Finally! A moist, incredible tasting loaf that can be sliced thin without crumbling. You gotta try this!