Most of our lamb we retail at Summit is from New Zealand. Although most people tell us Canadian lamb is better, there is quite a price difference between the two, making the New Zealand Lamb more affordable.

We are currently exploring other local alternatives so we can provide you a superior product at an economical price.

All of our veal products are inspected and grown mostly in Western Canada.

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Ground Lamb Chubs

Prepackaged in 500g chubs


A very nice old Russian immigrant recipe. Fantastic!

Greek Lamb Rack

Done in our Greek marinade which is similar to a souvlaki.

Greek Lamb Chops

These are tender and lean and great on the bbq.

Leg of Lamb

Nice and lean with shank and H bone removed. Very versatile. Can be sliced in strips for Shishliki or cubed for kabobs and many other uses.

Rack of Lamb

A full rack trimmed and ready for purchase. Have us marinade one or two for you today !