Check out what other items we carry. We have a nice selection of meat related items including a variety of condiments and sauces, a lot which you will not find on the shelves of main stream supermarkets.

When you shop at Summit Meats, we strive to provide you with all the essentials needed to prepare a complete, delicious meal, whether it’s just for your sweetie or for your entire family.

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Summit Carries the following Groceries:

  • McCains Fries – Crinkle Cut & Shoestring
  • McCains Hashbrowns
  • McCains Potato Patties
  • Lipton’s Sidekicks – Pasta, Rice, Potatoe
  • Perogies – Cheddar, Cottage Cheese, Deluxe
  • Bullseye BBQ sauces
  • Jim Beam BBQ sauces
  • Clubhouse sauces and gravy mixes
  • Old El Paso taco kits
  • Shake & Bake mixes
  • Droolin’ Devil Hot Sauces and Salsa
  • Char Crust Custom Meat Rubs and Seasonings
  • Strub’s Pickles
  • Green Giant Frozen Vegetables
  • Pasta and Sauces

We also stock a display case of essential dairy products like milk, eggs, sour cream, butter, chocolate milk, Coke, Crush soda, bottled water.