Did you know…

– Bison are not Buffalo. Bison are Bison. They are not associated in any way with the African Buffalo or Water Buffalo.
– An adult Bison can run about 30 mph and can jump a 6’ fence !
– Bison are very low in fat and cholesterol, high in protein, making them the healthiest choice of red meat.
– If you take a Bison roast and a Beef roast of the same cut, cooked them in a slow cooker all afternoon and then served it, I would be shocked if you could tell the difference.

**Because of the huge demand for Bison in Europe and the U.S., costs have become extremely high that we can no longer offer many of these products at an affordable price to our customers. Therefore please call ahead to see if we have inventory of any of our fine quality bison products. If prices miraculously fall in the near future then we will have a full line of our bison products. Thank you.**

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Bison BBQ Jerky

A unique twist on that traditional bbq sauce flavour

Bison Sweet Teriyaki Jerky

An excellent combination of pepper and sweet teriyaki.

Bison Regular Pepper Jerky

A very robust taste with a mild peppery after bite.

Bison Italian Sausage

A nice combination of peppers, fennel and a host of other fine ingredients.

Bison Bratwurst Sausage

Same popular flavour as our regular brats.

Bison Beer Sticks

Prepared with our traditional beer stick formula.

Bison Smokies

The same delicious recipe as our regular smokies.

Bison Burgers

We carry both an all Bison burger and a seasoned Bison burger which contains spices, vegetable protein and water. Both are excellent.

Bison Strip Loin

A great cut for marinating. Lean and tender.

Bison Rib Eye

An awesome cut for the bbq. Very tender and moist.