We use only the finest Western Canadian AA or AAA beef. Our steaks and roasts all have at least 21 days age before we process them for retail sale.

Have us season or marinate your favorite cut or choose from our daily variety. At Summit Meats & Sausage, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products and the service we provide.

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Summit Beef Burgers

5oz. Sizes. Lean, moist and delicious. Seasoned perfectly with a secret blend.

Lean Stewing Beef

Every bites a winner when completely trimmed. Don”t you just hate fat in a delicious stew ?

Lean Ground Beef

Always fresh, tasty and ready to be used a 1000 different ways.

Blade or Chuck Roll

If cooked properly (especially when using a slow cooker) this surprising cut will practically fall apart when finished.

Prime Rib Roast

If you’re looking to impress guests, look no further. Simply the most delicious, favorable roast to ever go in an oven.

Sirloin Roast

This cut supposedly got it”s name when it was prepared for Henry VIII. He was so taken by it”s taste and texture, he dubbed it “Sir Loin”

Outside Round Roast

So versatile and economical. This cut is usually very lean and waste free. Great for sandwiches the next day.

Inside Round Roast

The “Baron of Beef”. Have us generously sprinkle one of our popular seasoning on this banquet favorite.


The best bang for your buck. Excellent choice as a steak or roast.


The best of both worlds. The great taste of a striploin and incomparable tenderness of the beef tenderloin.


Commonly a “New York Strip”. This full muscle cut is leaner than a ribeye but usually as tender.


Known in places as a “Del monaco”. Is arguably the best choice for steak. The natural marbling gives this cut it”s phenomenal flavour.

Beef Tenderloin

Commonly referred to as “Filet Mignon”. The most lean and tender cut by far but lacks that steak taste with the absence of marbling.